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Fustane Te Ndryshme Elegante Shqiptare

Find Your Size

Find Your Size
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Help Us Help You With the Dress of Your Dreams!

Please print out this form and fill it completely. We recommend that you mail this form back to us at the address above.
today's date: wearing date:
first name: last name:
daytime phone: evening phone:
address(street): city: state: zip:
e-mail address:

Accurate measurement is the best way to insure a perfect fit!

Bust: Cup Size: Nipple to Nipple: Shoulder to Nipple:
Waist: Neck Size: Sleeve Length: Shoulder Width:
Hip: Armhole: Arm Width: Wrist:
Back Length: Total length: Wear Slip? Heel Height:
Back Width: Front Width: Jacket Length: Skirt Length:
• Design notes:
Measuring Instructions:

We strongly recommend that you have someone help you measure your figure.
While being measured, stand up straight and try not to look down.
For accurate sizing, the measuring tape should not be pulled with any extra tension.

Bust: Measure across the fullest part of bust and broadest portion of your back.
In between bust and hip lines - narrowest portion of your bodice.
Hip: The fullest bottom part of bodice.
The circular length starting from the armpit around the shoulder.
Sleeve Length: From armpit to wrist.
Shoulder Width: From the one end of the back of the shoulder to the other end of it.
Shoulder to Nipple: From the shoulder to the nipple.
Total Length: From the base of the neck to the floor.
Back Length: From the base of back of the neck to the waistline.

Mund te kontaktoni: +377 4439 2338

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